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After admission, a baby's heart monitor showed signs of fetal distress. These signs were ignored by the baby's doctor and no cesarean delivery was offered. The baby was born clinging to life. Upon resuscitation, the baby was discovered to have a devastating brain injury that will keep her quadriplegic for the remainder of her life. The child can think and learn, but she has no use of her arms or legs.

The jury awarded $1,800,000 to the parents and $12,102,000 to the child for her injuries and damages.


$8,900,000 was awarded against a major health facility for brain injuries to a child during the birthing process.


A woman having her first child had complications involving the interpretation of the baby's heart rate monitor.

As a result, the child suffered a brain injury resulting in the diagnosis of cerebral palsy.

The family received compensation that, when structured, will provide over $10,000,000 in the child's lifetime; allowing the family to move into a handicap accessible house and provide in home care for the child throughout her life.


An elderly man underwent a cardiac procedure and developed blood around his heart following the procedure. The complication was not timely diagnosed and the patient ended up with severe brain damage. A jury awarded the patient and his wife $8,250,000.

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